måndag 24 september 2012

Scrapping cards again!

I am no pro at scrap booking, but I love making cool cards for that special occasion. Lately there have been many kids birthdays and so I have made a few cards for these special 2-3 year olds :)

It is quite time consuming to cut every little piece out, but it is so worth it when you see the end result :)

My daughters cousin turned 3

A little dudes 2 year old birthday card

A 2 year olds favorite cartoon character

An It's a girl card for a little newborn babygirl

söndag 9 september 2012

Cream cheese parfait with berries

We had family over for dinner today, and my sister in law lives a gluten-dairy-sugar-yeast free diet. I admire really how she is able to make food without all these ingredients that you find in practically everything! I was so puzzled as to what I could actually make, I mean you can even find sugar and yeast in chicken stock!

I ended up deciding on spanish rice, grilled chicken and fried peppers/onions with homemade salsa and avocado slices. I did however have sour cream and tortillas for that fajita feel for those of us who can eat that. The chicken and peppers were of course fine, but I skipped the butter for frying the rice, used chopped tomato can without sugar, and bullion without yeast/sugar. The homemade salsa was also made with sugar free chopped can tomatoes.

When it came to dessert I really was lost.......I mean, how do you really make a dessert that does not have some gluten, dairy, sugar or yeast.........I somehow whipped together something although I do not think it was totally allowed, I used lactose free cream cheese, but I would have rather wanted to find tofu cream cheese. I am sure if I had gone to the health food store I would have found it, but here in Sweden that store is closed on sundays. Note to self: visit the health food store ALWAYS before having my sister in law for a visit........lol

I actually enjoy making something different, and this dessert I want to share with you is just something I kind of whipped together without any real recipe. I have to admit I was very unsure if this would be eatable at all but it actually turned out quite nice and will definitely be something I will make again! Naturally sweetened :) This one is definitely South Beach friendly!

I call it Cream cheese parfait:

(makes 4 portions)

150g natural cashews
50g coconut flakes
10 dates
dash vegetable oil(next time I will want to use coconut oil)

400g light philadelphia cheese or lactose free cream cheese (total non dairy use tofu cream cheese)
3-4 tablespoons soya cream
agave syrup to taste (I used about 2 teaspoons)

Topping: Berries and chopped cashews 

1. In a mixer chop cashews and set a little aside for later. Chop the dates......add coconut flakes and oil until you get a wet crumble. Press the crust into serving glasses and set in the refrigerator.

2. whip together the cheese, cream and syrup to your liking and add to your serving glasses on top of crust.

3. Use your chopped up cashews and frozen berry mix (Here I used blueberries and raspberries) and sprinkle on top of filling

Serve chilled!

Bon Appetit!   

lördag 28 juli 2012

Birthday pop-up cards

I love cards that someone put a long thought into. I remember living in the states that you could practically find a card for anything and every occasion! However here in scandinavia I find it difficult. Since starting scrapping and finding inspiration from friends and my good friend Mr. Google I have found a fun way to make that special card for the occasion :)

With plenty of birthdays coming up I have started making some fun pop up cards :)

These two were for my daughters friends 2 year old birthdays.
I used inspiration from www.scraphaugen.no 
wonderful norwegian site for scrapbook inspiration!

Written in Norwegian (front)                                         

Pop up stairs


Pop up stairs 

Hurra for the birthday kid!

I have many more to make this fall so if anyone has ideas for fun pop up cards do not hesitate to let me know :)

tisdag 10 juli 2012

Memory box: Tiny Miracle

Last year when my daughter turned one I made a memory quilt. I even printed pictures of her and us on fabric and sewed it into the quilt. Even though she was so little she really loved the blanket and looked at the pictures with a big smile. This quilt is used on her bed and is very much treasured.

Since she was born quite small (1950g) and premature I always wanted to make a memory of her first onesie, however I just haven´t gotten around to it.

Now that her 2 year old birthday is in a few days I have found the perfect thing to keep this precious memory safe and give to her on her birthday. She might not fully understand what it is, or maybe she does, but it is something that she could cherish in the years ahead :)

Take a look, a memory box frame. I started out with an unfinished wooden box frame and after some decoupage glue, napkins, and some pictures from when she wore this onesie I used glitter glue for a nice finish. A pretty scrapbook page and some glue dots to secure the onesie and baby cap and wolla!

I do think anybody could pick a special item of their children and frame it and get the same feeling I got making this, just so precious :)

Wooden box frame, napkins, decoupage glue, scrapbook page, and items I wanted framed.

 After I had decoupaged and added photos, printed on the right hand side the words "Tiny Miracle".

Final result :)

söndag 8 juli 2012

DIY: Potty training chart

My little girl isn´t so little anymore. About a week until she turns two and now we are seeing she refuses more and more to get a new diaper. The only problem is that she is not quite going to the potty either.

Ever since she turned one we have had the potty out once in a while so she is well aware and introduced to it. She has even gone nr 1 and nr 2. We have now seen that she might be ready to get rid of those diapers at least at daytime and so I decided to make her a potty chart to encourage her to want to sit a bit longer or more often on the potty.

I have seen through my job in preschools, that those who have this tool of encouragement have kids that are more often motivated to want to try the potty, and in some cases become dry earlier.  They also see the older kids get a sticker each time they go to the bathroom, and you know kids, they learn quicly from each other.

Since it is the summer season it is definitely the time to let my daughter try and wear big girl underwear. Accidents are most likely gonna happen, but hey that comes with the territory when all she knows is the diaper right :)

Every child is different and so I think every parent has to see if their child is ready for this, some are ready early and some aren´t. We are not going to rush anything so if it turns out she is not ready we will try again later, but for now check out the cute Tinkerbell potty chart I made. Perhaps you get inspired to make your own chart with just the right design for your little toddler :)

What you need: 
Some scrapbook paper or cardboard paper
Fun design stickers
Fun printed paper for making stickers
stamps (optional for numbers)
Self laminating paper
Mounting clay

1. First pick a design ark from your material for a backround. 
2. Pick another colored paper that compliments the design ark and cut it out like a road back and forth.
3. Then cut out designs for reusable stickers and milestones (in my case the butterflies and flowers).
4. Print numbers along the road from top to bottom.
5. Cut out a shape for "start position" (like the heart at the top left corner)
6. Before glueing anything down lay everything out to check your layout.
7. Glue down and decorate with your chosen design stickers

Here is my little layout before glueing.

Without the butterflies. Every stop where Tinkerbell is is a milestone and my little one will get a little gift or a special treat.

First  milestone

Second milestone

Third milestone

Forth and final milestone (extra special)

I then laminated everything, even all the small butterflies so this stays dry in the bathroom and is reusable.

And there you have it. A fun potty chart for your little toddler. I put all the little butterflies in a see through bag that hangs right next to the chart with a little mounting clay so we can stick one and one butterfly on as we go along.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, give me a peek if you make one yourself down by the comments :)

lördag 7 juli 2012

DIY: Decoupage letters for child´s bedroom

Decoupage is not something I do very often, but it can actually be fun when you decide on a project perfect for decoupage.

I have looked everywhere for exciting letters to stick on my daughters bedroom door, however all I find are the same wooden letters in every store. So I bought a few things at my local craft store and decorated letters myself.

These paper letters I purchased ready made, making this project a lot easier, however you could always try and make these yourself if you are are into paper art. Napkins are the easiest when decoupaging but you could always use magazine or newspaper clippings, even your own photos.

This is what you need: 

paper letters (this can also work with wooden letters if desired)
Napkins (those with print and design give more color and depth)
Decoupage glue (matt, gloss, glitter)
a small paint brush
a small roll brush
and a sponge brush
small scissors 

The choice of glue is up to you, however I find that using matt glue is best before applying the design, and then use gloss or glitter for a top finnish coat
I only used the matt and silver glitter glue for this project. 
1. Have a clean work surface, either a mat or some news paper
2. Cut out any design from a napkin/newspaper/magazine/photos etc 
3. Cover letter on short sides with matt glue and apply the clippings desired making sure that you do not get any air bobbles. 
4. Cut off access paper and apply glue over design with a roll or sponge, use the small brush with some glue to brush down the corners.
5. Cover letter on front/back with glue and repeat as in step 3 and 4.
6. When every side is covered with design and has dried you can apply a top coat.
Glitter or a basic gloss 

 My daughters first name initials :)
The letters are a bit darker, but the flash of the camera picked up all the glitter :)
I have only used one design from one type of napkin, had I had a bigger surface I could have used pictures or something. The sky is the limit for this art!

I hope you enjoyed this little mini tutorial. Perhaps give me a peek of your decoupage design?!!

Pasta salad w/ chicken

I just love pasta salads, you can really blend anything you like and use different kinds of dressings or even make your own!

Here is a simple recipe where I basically threw this and that in with the pasta and got a nice fresh summer pasta....serve cold at a nice lunch, or take it with to the family/friends potluck! :)

(Serves 6)

1 small red onion (half thin slices)
1/2 green bell pepper (chopped)
1/2 cucumber (sliced and cut into 4)
8 cherry tomatoes
baby spinach
1-2 cups tricolored fusilli pasta
2 chicken breasts

1/2 dl olive oil
1/4 dl apple vinegar
1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard
Lime juice
cilantro (koriander) (minced)

Start by cooking the pasta (remember oil)

Then cut and blend the onion, bell pepper, cucumber, salad, and tomatoes in a bowl. 
The onion gives the lettuce a nice marinade.
 When the pasta is cooked run it over cold water and then add to the salad.
 Grill the chicken, or as I did on my indoor table grill until no longer pink.
 While the chicken is cooking you can make your dressing.
Cut up the chicken and add to the salad.
Drizzle the dressing over the salad and serve!

Bon Appetit!!